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Join our Pod Launchpad Accelerator
Join our Pod Launchpad Accelerator
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Embark on a journey to revolutionize learning with Kubrio: Launch your Pod into the future of education.

​Welcome to our Pod Launch Accelerator: Your gateway to transforming expertise into impactful learning Pods.

​The Accelerator Program

​Week 1: Orientation

​Dive into Kubrio's features and functionalities, setting the stage for your journey ahead.

​Week 2: Market Fit

​Discover your Ikigai or your unique intersection of passion, mission, vocation, and profession, aligning them with market demand. Through tailored templates, expert feedback, and masterful guidance, craft a Pod design that resonates deeply and succeeds effortlessly.

​Week 3: Launch/Iterate on your Upcoming Pod Page

​Refine and polish your Pod page to enchant your students, and create a stunning intro video for your Pod.

​Week 4: Market your Pod

​Make final adjustments to your Pod page and prepare for a successful launch during the Demo Day showcase.

​What’s after the Accelerator?

If your pod launch is successful, you will be invited to join our - Inspire & Delight Program for Teachers- a complimentary ongoing program designed to help you become a better teacher and increase your impact.

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