How to Promote Your Pod
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At Kubrio, as an educator, your focus should be on providing exceptional learning experiences for your students, just as a doctor's primary concern is delivering the best patient care. Like doctors, teachers shouldn't feel compelled to "sell" their work, as it may seem unfair. Instead, we encourage you to showcase your expertise through the following methods:

Showcase your students' work

We are launching a new feature that allows your students to display their work in our student gallery. The more outstanding work they showcase, the more visibility you will gain. This is why having a significant number of students is crucial.

Earn recommendations from students

By providing an excellent learning experience and empowering your students to become independent learners, they will appreciate your efforts and share their experiences with friends. The more satisfied students you have, the more likely you are to receive referrals.

Earn recommendations from parents

We will ask parents to review their experience with your pod using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The best way to increase your NPS is to maintain and develop a fantastic relationship with the parents. We will discuss all these strategies during our Inspire and Delight program for teachers with active pods.

In addition to being an exceptional teacher and using the correct format and tools, there are more ways to promote your work:

Earn recommendations from other teachers

The accelerator's role is to help you connect with other teachers and build friendships so they can recommend your work to their families.

Create and share great content publicly

We are introducing a new feature that allows you to write articles about your skills. These articles are excellent tokens to share within your network or for parents and Kubrio to share with their networks. The better the article, the more visibility you will gain on Kubrio. You can access an AI assistant to help you create high-quality content.

Create great nano courses for our YouTube channel

We are here to help you create fantastic content. An AI assistant will assist you in creating exceptional video courses, and we will help with the editing process.

Create Quests

Quests are gamified learning experiences you can create for your students within your pod. They are publicly available; the more successful they become, the more visibility you will gain. We are developing an AI to help you create quests in minutes.

Launch a YouTube or TikTok channel

Create your audience and recommend your pod to your followers. Remember that the more students you have, the more revenue you generate.

Create an excellent video Trailer for your pod

Lastly, having a great description and trailer for your pod is essential for achieving an outstanding conversion rate. We will assist you using Director Kao AI to help create world-class tutorials and pod descriptions.

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