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Apply To Launch Your Pod With Kubrio
Apply To Launch Your Pod With Kubrio
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Application process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to set up your learning pod on Kubrio. From filling out the form to launching your pod, this guide covers everything you need to start teaching.

Embarking on an educational journey with Kubrio is an exciting venture. Setting up your pod is a straightforward process designed to bring your unique teaching style to a wider audience. Here's how you can start:

1. Create a New Pod in your Dashboard

Begin by filling out our form. Let us know the essentials about your pod - what you plan to teach, your approach, and how you envision your pod. This initial step is crucial for us to understand your unique offering.

2. Update Your Teacher Profile

Creating a compelling teacher profile is essential for attracting students to your learning pod on Kubrio.

Highlight your expertise, experience, and passion for teaching children aged 8-18.

Showcase your relevant educational background, certifications, teaching philosophy, and specialized skills in your profile. Your resume should align with the learning pod you plan to launch, emphasizing professional achievements, innovative teaching methods, and relevant training.

A well-crafted profile and resume will help you fill your learning pod with eager learners.

3. Review and Discovery Call

Once we receive your pod application and your teacher profile, our team will review it and schedule a discovery call. This call is an opportunity for us to dive deeper into your vision and see how it aligns with Kubrio's ethos.

If approved, you will be invited to join Kubrio and our invite only Pod Accelerator program, designed to help you kickstart your pod.

Ready to transform your teaching experience? Apply to Begin your journey with Kubrio today and create a learning pod that reflects your passion and expertise.

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