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Before Starting Your Pod

Learning pods are focused micro-communities of students brought together to enhance the learning experience led by inspiring teachers.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, learning pods have emerged as a transformative approach to teaching and learning. Kubrio takes this innovation a step further, offering teachers the tools to create learning pods that are effective, globally-connected, and technologically advanced. This guide is dedicated to helping you, the educators who are both passionate and tech-savvy, to start your innovative learning pod with Kubrio.

What is a Learning Pod?

Learning pods are small, focused micro-communities of students brought together to enhance the learning experience through personalized attention and a supportive community environment. These pods leverage the power of collaborative learning while integrating cutting-edge tools to ensure efficient and engaging education.

Why Choose Kubrio for Your Learning Pod?

Kubrio stands out with its quest-based learning style and AI integration, offering an unprecedented learning environment. These features are designed to instill a lifelong love of learning, provide global micro-communities for students, and ensure that learning is educational but also fun and engaging.

Setting Up Your Learning Pod with Kubrio

1. Identifying the Purpose and Goals:

Your pod should have a clear objective, whether mastering a specific skill or exploring a subject in depth.

2. Selecting the Right Location and Tools:

With Kubrio, your learning pod can be delivered anywhere in the world. Utilize platforms like Khan Academy or Codecombat, or create personalized quests using Kubrio’s AI technology.

3. Curriculum Development:

Whether incorporating existing platforms or designing your quests, Kubrio supports you in creating an engaging and practical curriculum.

Recruiting and Managing Participants

Kubrio assists in promoting your pod during the Launchpad phase, reaching a broad audience. Once your pod is operational, delighting families and creating compelling content will naturally attract more students and enhance the visibility of your pod on the platform.

Utilizing Kubrio’s Advanced Learning Tools

The quest-based learning approach is a gamified version of project-based learning, making education a thrilling adventure. These quests, customizable and powered by AI, cater to the unique learning paths of each student, ensuring that knowledge is both personal and impactful.

Monitoring Progress and Providing Feedback

Kubrio’s experience points system and integration with third-party assessment tools provide a comprehensive framework for tracking student progress. Monthly reports to parents, enhanced by Kubrio's planned automation, make feedback efficient and insightful.

Earnings with Kubrio

Teachers can earn between 60% and 85% from the tuition fee, based on the number of students joining Kubrio for the first time when joining your pod and the Net Promote Score for your pod (calculated every three months). Please take a look at the Earnings sections for more details.

Overcoming Challenges

The initial formation of a learning pod can be challenging, which is why Kubrio’s Launchpad is crucial. This bootcamp-style support helps kickstart your pod and guides you through the first 90 days. Kubrio’s teacher selection process ensures that only those aligned with its philosophy lead these pods.


Starting a learning pod with Kubrio means embarking on a journey of innovation, global connectivity, and technological integration in education. As teachers, you can inspire and empower a new generation of learners, fostering environments where independent, passionate learning thrives.

Join Kubrio Today

Join the Kubrio community today and start your journey in shaping the future of education. Create a learning pod that educates, inspires, and participates in a global movement toward innovative learning.

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