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Pod Stages Explained
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To make it easier to know if you can launch a successful pod on Kubrio, we created a few stages to help you understand how to position your pod and if there is enough demand for what you want to teach.

Here are the stages; you will move from one stage to another in this order.

* Upcoming

* Launchpad

* Live

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Upcoming Pods

Once we approve your teacher profile and pod, your pod will be listed as Upcoming unlisted. This means you can now start sharing your pod with your audience, but it will not be discoverable on Kubrio. This stage will allow you to see if there is enough interest in your pod before investing more time and resources. Having students on the waiting list at this stage will give them more chances to be accepted into our Launchpad Accelerator Program.

Once accepted into our Launchpad Accelerator Program, your pod will become visible on Kubrio and discoverable in both the Skills and Pods sections.

In this stage, you will be able to see the students and parents who joined your waiting list and send them messages to help them learn more and design a better program for their kids.


You can join this stage only if you have been invited to join our Launchpad Accelerator Program. In this stage, parents will have to add the card to join their pod, but they will not be charged until you decide to start the pod.

This stage will last only 30 days or up to the first 21 students. To help you kickstart your pod as fast as possible, the first 21 students will have a 50% first-month discount.

If you cannot get 21 paying students during the first 30 days, you can cancel the pod, and we will not charge the families.

When you decide to start the pod, we will charge the families, and your pod will become live.


Once your pod is live, families can join at any time, and it will be discoverable on the platform in all our sections. The most successful live pods will be featured on our main page or mailing list.

In this stage, you can create resources and tutorials to get even more visibility for your pod.

Also, at this stage, to encourage families to join more pods on Kubrio and use the platform as a school replacement, we have a few discounts and coupons for our families.

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