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How Much Can You Earn With Your Pod?
How Much Can You Earn With Your Pod?
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Teacher's takes start at 60% of the tuition fee; the rest, 40%, is distributed to finance our AI innovative program, improve the app's experience on Kubrio, and create a global brand you and your students will be proud of. We are a for-profit company, and part of the platform's profit will be distributed to shareholders.

You can increase the revenue if you manage to level up your impact on the network. More students mean higher impact and higher take for you.

Here are the Teachers’ Levels on Kubrio

Level 1 - Rising Star (1-20 Students)
Teacher's Share: 60%

A promising educator who positively impacts their students and shows potential for growth within the Kubrio network.

Level 2 - Catalyst (21-40 Students)
Teacher's Share: 70%

An influential teacher who actively drives change and inspires others in the network through their effective teaching methods and growing student base.

Level 3 - Amplifier (41-70 Students)
Teacher's Share: 75%

An educator who significantly amplifies the Kubrio network’s impact by consistently engaging many students and sharing their successful strategies with others.

Level 4 - Transformer (71-100 Students)
Teacher's Share: 80%

A transformative force in the Kubrio network that impacts a substantial number of students and helps shape the future of education through their innovative approaches.

Level 5 - Beacon (100+ Students)
Teacher's Share: 85%

An exemplary educator who guides the entire Kubrio network, inspiring and mentoring other teachers while profoundly impacting countless students.

Once a subscription is created, we can't change it, and this is why, when you level up, only the following subscriptions will have the new share.

The teacher's share is calculated for each stage; for example, if you have 20 students on Level 1, the share for all the tuition will be 60%, and the following 20 will be 70%. And this will be the same for the rest of the levels.

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