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Discounts And Coupons
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The teacher or the system can create two types of discounts and coupons for Kubrio.

System Discounts

50% discounts for the first month for the launchpad pods

To encourage families to join your pods as fast as possible, we offer this system discount to all the early adopter families joining your pod. They will also receive an “early adopter badge” for your pod. Typically, these families are your visionary families, and they can help you design a better experience for your pod

16% discount for live pods

To encourage our families to join more pods and consider Kubrio a complete school replacement, we created system discount coupons that will be automatically applied to all the families in that stage.

Families can't cumulate two discounts; they can have only one at a time.

Teacher's Discount

Once your pod is live, you can offer discounts to some enrolled families. You can offer up to 70% discounts for the families you consider. This can be for families you want to have but can’t afford the fee, for families who recommended your pod, or for other rewards you want to offer.

To enable these discounts, you need to contact us.

The teacher’s take will be calculated after the discount fee is applied, which means both teacher’s and platform fees will be reduced accordingly.


Occasionally, we offer coupons to families to try new pods because they helped Kubrio with marketing or because we have ongoing promotions with other partners.

Coupons are fixed value, for example, $100 off; when applied, the platform compensates 100%. For instance, if a family applies a $97 coupon, teachers will still receive their complete take; let's assume 70%, and the platform will cover it.

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