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Who can start a pod?
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Start Your Learning Pod at Kubrio: Transform Passion into Inspiration

Discover who can start a learning pod at Kubrio. If you're highly skilled, passionate, and an inspiring educator, join us and shape the future of learning.

Ignite Learning with Your Expertise at Kubrio:

Kubrio is looking for individuals who are not just teachers but visionaries in their fields. If you believe education is more than imparting knowledge, you might be the perfect candidate to start a learning pod with us. Here’s what we look for:

1. Mastery of Your Skill

You should be highly knowledgeable in your area of expertise. We seek individuals who possess a deep understanding and mastery of their subject.

2. Passion That's Contagious

Your passion is our students' inspiration. At Kubrio, we value educators who are uber-passionate about their field and can ignite a similar enthusiasm in their students.

3. An Inspirational Force

Be the role model our students look up to. Your ability to inspire and motivate is critical to creating a transformative learning experience.

4. Entrepreneurial Spirit

We seek teachers with an entrepreneurial spirit to inspire innovation, adaptability, and creative problem-solving in our students, preparing them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

5. Verified and Trustworthy

We ensure a safe learning environment through identity verifications. Your credibility is as important as your skill.

6. Language Proficiency

Being fluent or native in English is essential. It ensures you can communicate effectively with a diverse set of students.

7. Financial Accessibility

Access to Stripe Connect is necessary for smooth financial transactions within the Kubrio platform.

7.a. Exceptional Cases:

If you can't access stripe in your country, but you have something unique to offer; we’re open to making a few exceptions. Convince us of your unique abilities and vision.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

If you resonate with these qualities, the next step is simple. Apply to teach with Kubrio and embark on a fulfilling journey of shaping minds and inspiring hearts.

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