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Having multiple Pods
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Explore best practices for handling multiple pods on Kubrio. Learn why focusing on a few pods can lead to better outcomes and more tremendous success in teaching.

Striking the Right Balance with Multiple Pods

At Kubrio, we understand the enthusiasm of educators wanting to offer diverse learning experiences. While it's possible to have multiple pods, here’s our perspective on managing them effectively:

1. Quality Over Quantity

While you can manage multiple pods, we recommend having one or at least three to ensure quality and focus. Concentrating on a smaller number of pods allows you to devote the necessary time and resources to each, enhancing the overall learning experience.

2. Assessing Pod Success

It's essential to evaluate the success of your pod continuously. If a pod isn’t meeting expectations or achieving its goals, closing it and channeling your efforts into more successful or new ventures might be more beneficial.

3. Launching New Pods

Consider launching a new pod only if your current one is already successful or if you've identified that a particular pod isn't working. This approach ensures you're not spreading yourself too thin and maintaining a high education standard across your pods.


Managing multiple pods on Kubrio can be rewarding but requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Focusing on a limited number of high-quality pods can ensure a more impactful and successful teaching experience.

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