Kubrio – A New Brand Identity for the School of the Future

Today, we’re introducing our reimagined brand, including a new logo and typography and a new version for Kubrio that brings it all together.

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With a redesigned version of Kubrio, we also decided to redesign our brand identity to represent better who we are and where we are going as a platform.

Our new brand represents our vision for future learning and our commitment to providing students with the most personalized learning experience worldwide.

The new logo with the new K direction’s loose shape suggests that it’s an adaptable platform that doesn’t impose rigid boundaries in all meanings but allows freedom to grow—our vision for the future of learning.

At Kubrio, we champion personalized learning that caters to your unique skills and learning style. Our "Learn Differently" approach goes beyond what you learn and focuses on how you learn best. No matter your learning style, Kubrio is here to help you succeed, embrace your individuality, and unlock your potential.

A Symbol of Versatility and Personal Growth

Our logo embodies the essence of Kubrio's philosophy – adaptability and personalization. Just like our students, who have the potential to be anything they want, our logo can take on many styles and forms.

Whether you're an artist, a scientist, or an entrepreneur, our logo reminds you that with Kubrio, the possibilities are endless. As you grow and evolve, so does our logo, mirroring your personal growth and the ever-changing world around you.

It symbolizes our commitment to empowering you to embrace your individuality and chase your dreams wherever they may lead.

A Logo Made to Change and Evolve

Many traditional schools have maintained the same approach to education and branding for over a century despite rapid technological advancements and changing student needs. This lack of adaptation is evident in their teaching methods and visual identities, which often remain the same for decades.

In contrast, our new logo at Kubrio is designed to be dynamic and adaptable. Rather than adhering to a single, static style, our logo can change and evolve, continuously adapting to the environment and the individual student. This constant motion represents the energy of creativity and the ever-evolving nature of learning styles.

Our logo embodies our commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation and meeting the diverse needs of our students.

A Symbol of Global Connection and Belonging

At Kubrio, we recognize the immense power of connection and the boundless potential of being part of a global community.

Our brand is designed with forward-thinking families in mind. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging for your children, regardless of their location.

We understand that sometimes, even small symbols like wearing a similar hat or T-shirt can give your children a strong sense of belonging. Our logos are designed to be unique and creative, allowing each student to express their individuality while still feeling connected to the larger Kubrio community.

Imagine a world where every student, no matter where they are, feels deeply connected to a vibrant, modern global community that embraces diversity, nurtures creativity, and celebrates each individual's unique talents.

Our new apparel collections are more than just clothing; they represent unity and a connection to our students’ innovative and creative spirit. By wearing Kubrio, you join a global movement, connecting with like-minded learners worldwide. Each piece of clothing is designed to inspire, empower, and ignite a passion for knowledge and personal growth.

With Kubrio, you are never alone on your educational journey. Our brand unites a network of innovative learning companions ready to collaborate, share ideas, and support each other in pursuing their dreams.

Whether in New York, Tokyo, London, or Sydney, you'll find a community of students who share your vision for a brighter future.

When you step into the world wearing Kubrio, you carry the strength of a global community, the courage to think differently, and the confidence to make your mark. You are part of a new era in education, where boundaries are broken, and possibilities are endless.

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